Inspired by history,
hand-crafted with passion

We are Tappers - reviving the Art of Gin at our seaside home on the Wirral Peninsula near to the historic cities of Chester and Liverpool. We're driven by our passion for hand-crafted quality, premium natural ingredients and authentic independence. We chart our own course, crafting small-batch spirits imbued with unique stories.

Spirit of autumn

Falling Leaves Gin

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Tickled Pink by Simon Rimmer

Since Simon Rimmer joined the Tappers family in 2020, we've worked hard to create a pink gin that we all love.

Inspired by our mutual passion for incredible ingredients and flavours, Tickled Pink Gin is made with hundreds of hand-picked Provence red rose petals, and an abundance of exotic hibiscus flowers.

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The Art of Gin

Which side will you embrace?

Made with the same fresh, coastal botanicals, our signature Darkside Coastal Gin is joined by the distilled counterpart, Brightside London Dry Gin, in this beautifully presented gift set complete with paired mixer and botanical guide to our all-natural vegan ingredients

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Swimming against the tide
in a sea of noise and chaos

All-natural ingredients,
all certified vegan

There are two sides to every story

Teaming up with Simon Rimmer